Introduction to Investor Relations

Dialogue between Companies and Investors

The Board acknowledges the importance of regular communication with shareholders and investors via the annual reports, circulars to shareholders and quarterly financial reports and the various announcements made during the year, through which shareholders and investors can have an overview of the Group’s performance and operation.

Notices of general meetings and the accompanying explanatory notes are provided within the prescribed notice period on the Company website, Bursa website, in the media and by post to shareholders. This allows shareholders to make the necessary arrangements to attend and participate either in person, by corporate representative, by proxy or by attorney.

Shareholders have the right to demand to vote by way of a poll at the general meetings for substantive resolutions and the voting results will be announced at the meetings and through Bursa.

The Company has a website at which the shareholders can access for information which includes the Board Charter, corporate information, announcements/press releases/briefings, financial information and investor relations.

The Board has identified the Chairman of the BARMC, as the Independent Non-Executive Director of the Board to whom concerns may be conveyed, and who would bring the same to the attention of the Board.

In addition, shareholders and investors can have a channel of communication with the Group Chief Financial Officer to direct queries and provide feedback to the Group. Queries may be conveyed to the Group Chief Financial Officer. (See Investor Relations Contact)

Within this section, you will be able to find the most recent financial and other relevant information on Hong Leong Financial Group.